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Monday, May 13, 2013

First week of Anti-RetroViral Medication

Due to my low CD4 result taken last April 17,2013 which revealed 107 cells/µl, a shocking 75% drop from my last year which was 408 taken July 11, 2012. My doctor advised me to start with Anti-Retro Viral Medication Regimen.
My Anti RetroViral (ARV) Drug Combination

I started my ARV Tuesday (May 7,2013).

Lamivudine 150mg (Small White Tablet), Tenofovir 300mg (Big Light Blue Tablet)

I take Lamivudine 150mg + Tenofovir 300mg at 9 in the Morning
Lamivudine 150mg (Small White Tablet), Efavirenz 600mg (Big Peach Tablet)
And Lamivudine 150mg + Efavirenz 600mg at 9 in the Evening


DAY 1 (Tuesday, May 7,2013)
 Felt nothing unusual. Whole day was Normal.

DAY 2 (Wednesday, May 8,2013)
Woke up feeling drowsy and felt like I had a hangover. I can compare it to taking anti-histamine but this time i don't feel light-headed... my head was heavy.
My appetite was not good. I did eat but was not able to enjoy what I was eating the whole day.

DAY 3 (Thursday, May 9,2013)
Woke up 2 in the morning and I felt the Efavirenz having its peak. I was trying to sleep again but I can't and so I played some soothing music to aid my sleep as what i always do when I have insomnia. I was playing  JASON DERULO's WHAT IF and I was hearing the song differently. The song was playing in a slight fast forward mode. Got irritated so I turned off the music. After a while I fell asleep. 
The whole morning was ok, until afternoon came and i started to feel different again. I felt the "heavy" feeling again and so I was really not able to work well and just waited for my work to end and hurried back home and took some rest.
DAY 4 (Friday, May 10,2013)
Woke up feeling great and it continued until lunch and after that I was back to "feeling heavy" again and it stayed all throughout the afternoon until early evening.
DAY 5 (Saturday, May 11,2013)
Woke up great and I was feeling good the whole day. Asked mom to buy Nilagang Baka, this was the 1st time after I started my ARV that I was able to enjoy the food that I was eating. Never been happier.
DAY 6 (Sunday, May 12,2013)
Woke up great again although quite dizzy but is more tolerable and i was able to do some house chores without any problem. Stayed in the house all through out the day with frequent naps.
DAY 7 (Monday, May 13,2013)
Woke up around 12:30am and I was playing an instrumental music (violin). I was quite irritated by the sound because it doesn't sound right anymore. I was like playing a little fast again and it was not in tune (of course it's because of the Efavirenz again). So I stopped playing the music and went out of the room and slept at the folding bed in the Living Room. I did have a difficult time again to sleep but after an hour I fell asleep.

That's what I have been experiencing so far and it was a very stressful and hard week for me but I'm glad I made it. But this is just the first week and there's more to come. Hopefully this shall all pass and I can finally be able to adjust to my ARV.

I would like to thank everyone who sent me messages on my mobile, FB,Twitter... You have been given me great strength to overcome all these trials that I am undertaking. I Hope for a better week ahead.
Jake Positive. BE SAFE! +)


  1. Its just tonight that I came across your blog.
    I hope you'll be fine real soon.
    You are such an inspiration to many of us and the battle that you have now makes me realize that it is not the end point of life.
    Continue to live for us jake, continue to inspire. God bless you!

  2. where are you now? what happened now? what's an update?



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