I am JaKePositive...I am a Homosexual...I am a Filipino...I am a Proud Ilonggo... I am HIV + since June 2010... I started my ARV Treatment May 4,2013 since my CD4 dropped to 107... I am here to RAISE AWARENESS... I am here to ENCOURAGE HIV TESTING... I am here to SUPPORT MY BROTHER'S and SISTER'S who are living with HIV... I am an ADVOCATE FOR CHANGE...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Jake Positive: "My Treatment, Care and Support"

Since I was diagnosed early, my Doctors plan of treatment for me is more on Prophylaxis.

Here are some of my Prophylaxis Treatment:

Tuberculosis Prophylaxis - Isoniazid 300mg/tab once a day for 9 months

Flu Vaccine Injection - Done every year

Pneumonia Vaccine Injection - Done every 5 years 

Hepatitis B Vaccine Injection-  3 doses + booster dose. 

I am also taking Multivitamins with Iron (1tab) and Ascorbic Acid (1gram) as my everyday Supplement.

A year after I was diagnosed as HIV +, I decided to join a support group for People Living with HIV in Iloilo..

United Western Visayas Incorporated (UWVI), 

is a community-based group (CBG) of people living with HIV based in Iloilo and operating in Panay and Guimaras areas with Ilonggo members across the country. The organization is active in both prevention of HIV and promotion of treatment and care among its members who are HIV positive as well as affected families. It strives to address stigma and discrimination in order to
build confidence among the newly diagnosed to access services at the local treatment hub based in the Western Visayas Medical Center.

The organization has a rich history since its inception in 2005 during the global fund round 5 project. The strong membership and advocacy of the group has helped the Western Visayas Medical Center to have its own CD4 machine, the first outside Manila and a half-way house based in Santa Barbara in Iloilo.

My Treatment, care and Support has been a great help to me and  I would like to say my sincerest appreciation to my Treatment Hub and my Support Group for accepting me as a Person Living with HIV and has inspired me to push through with my Advocacy.

JakePositive. BE SAFE! +) 


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