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Monday, May 13, 2013

First week of Anti-RetroViral Medication

Due to my low CD4 result taken last April 17,2013 which revealed 107 cells/┬Ál, a shocking 75% drop from my last year which was 408 taken July 11, 2012. My doctor advised me to start with Anti-Retro Viral Medication Regimen.
My Anti RetroViral (ARV) Drug Combination

I started my ARV Tuesday (May 7,2013).

Lamivudine 150mg (Small White Tablet), Tenofovir 300mg (Big Light Blue Tablet)

I take Lamivudine 150mg + Tenofovir 300mg at 9 in the Morning
Lamivudine 150mg (Small White Tablet), Efavirenz 600mg (Big Peach Tablet)
And Lamivudine 150mg + Efavirenz 600mg at 9 in the Evening


DAY 1 (Tuesday, May 7,2013)
 Felt nothing unusual. Whole day was Normal.

DAY 2 (Wednesday, May 8,2013)
Woke up feeling drowsy and felt like I had a hangover. I can compare it to taking anti-histamine but this time i don't feel light-headed... my head was heavy.
My appetite was not good. I did eat but was not able to enjoy what I was eating the whole day.

DAY 3 (Thursday, May 9,2013)
Woke up 2 in the morning and I felt the Efavirenz having its peak. I was trying to sleep again but I can't and so I played some soothing music to aid my sleep as what i always do when I have insomnia. I was playing  JASON DERULO's WHAT IF and I was hearing the song differently. The song was playing in a slight fast forward mode. Got irritated so I turned off the music. After a while I fell asleep. 
The whole morning was ok, until afternoon came and i started to feel different again. I felt the "heavy" feeling again and so I was really not able to work well and just waited for my work to end and hurried back home and took some rest.
DAY 4 (Friday, May 10,2013)
Woke up feeling great and it continued until lunch and after that I was back to "feeling heavy" again and it stayed all throughout the afternoon until early evening.
DAY 5 (Saturday, May 11,2013)
Woke up great and I was feeling good the whole day. Asked mom to buy Nilagang Baka, this was the 1st time after I started my ARV that I was able to enjoy the food that I was eating. Never been happier.
DAY 6 (Sunday, May 12,2013)
Woke up great again although quite dizzy but is more tolerable and i was able to do some house chores without any problem. Stayed in the house all through out the day with frequent naps.
DAY 7 (Monday, May 13,2013)
Woke up around 12:30am and I was playing an instrumental music (violin). I was quite irritated by the sound because it doesn't sound right anymore. I was like playing a little fast again and it was not in tune (of course it's because of the Efavirenz again). So I stopped playing the music and went out of the room and slept at the folding bed in the Living Room. I did have a difficult time again to sleep but after an hour I fell asleep.

That's what I have been experiencing so far and it was a very stressful and hard week for me but I'm glad I made it. But this is just the first week and there's more to come. Hopefully this shall all pass and I can finally be able to adjust to my ARV.

I would like to thank everyone who sent me messages on my mobile, FB,Twitter... You have been given me great strength to overcome all these trials that I am undertaking. I Hope for a better week ahead.
Jake Positive. BE SAFE! +)


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