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Sunday, June 24, 2012

2 Years and Counting . .

It's been 2 years now since I got diagnosed HIV+. 
A lot has changed.
My attitude towards life.I am on HIGH DOSE of OPTIMISM.
I VALUE more my FAMILY and FRIENDS now.
I ENJOY every second of my LIFE. EVERY DROP is an hour full of PRECIOUS MEMORIES.
I have been thankful for what GOD gave me. A Lifelong Mission and Purpose.
I realized that everything happens for a reason and we change for the best.
I am still amazed and thankful that I was able to survive those 2 years.

I am still NOT on AntiRetroViral Medication Since my last CD4 Result was 570 last October 25, 2011.

Lat month was my Due Date of my CD4 Test but the CD4 Machine had some technical problems so I waited. Good thing this month they were able to fix it and so anytime this month I'll have my schedule for the test.
My Treatment Plan as of the moment is more on Prophylaxis Treatment.
I have my Flu Vaccine Every Year. Pneumonia Vaccine Every 5 Years. And I just Finished my Anti-TB Prophylaxis (Isoniazid), took it for 9months.
I also take regular Multivitamins and also a Ascorbic Acid 1gram.
I eat a lot and really have no preference with food, I can eat almost everything edible. And I still do gain weight, it's better than loosing weight.
I do have regular check-up with my doctor or whenever I feel something strange that is happening to my body I do inform my doctor right away.

I'm felt a lot of strange things happening to my body lately. I have Allergies of unknown origin and so I guess I need to take another Skin Test for Allergies.
Also I do have these "Chicken-Skin Rashes on both of my arms and also on my Nape. It's not really that noticeable but once you take a closer look you would surely notice it.
My doctor requested SKIN SCRAPING KOH to check if there is any Fungal growth but results came NEGATIVE.

What do I do to maintain a good CD4?

HEALTHY LIVING -----> Yes, kind of...

EXERCISE-----> Before I do love to jog but the weather has been very unpredictable. So as of now I just do Brisk walking every now and then. I love long walks.

ENOUGH SLEEP (8-10 Hours) ------> I am a nocturnal person. I don't sleep not until it's past 12mn. Usually I sleep around 1am-3am. But  I wake up at lunch time so it's quite compensated. I am currently unemployed but anytime next month I'm going to have a new job.

EAT HEALTHY FOODS-----> I don't have any preference with food. Anything edible, I eat.

POSITIVITY---> I am Optimistic with life. I am a Happy person. and I avoid Stress when I sense it. LOL

Again this is JaKePositive. BE SAFE! +)


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