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Friday, August 3, 2012

Reproductive Health Bill

I am a Christian and my parents raised me to become a follower of GOD. However this RH Bill Controversy is really giving me the nerves. I don't have anything against my church but as a citizen of this country, each and everyone of us has the right to be a responsible citizen and a responsible parent to our children. If we are given options and also the right information towards FAMILY PLANNING, there won't be increased rates of maternal deaths, there won't be increased rates of fetuses dumped in the toilet bowl, families will be given the chance to plan their spacing for their children and the spread of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections will be lessened.

If this Bill is passed, every Filipino will benefit from it and it would really help a lot.

With EDUCATION as the number one priority and the cheapest mode of ADVOCACY for HIV and AIDS we will be able to penetrate through the tight institutions that hinders SEX EDUCATION as a Privilege Right of every Filipino Youth. I have seen the format of the said topic and I don't see anything alarming about it that would pollute the curiosity of the youth. But what I see is a very effective and an empowering strategy to give the youth the knowledge and also provide them the right information that would someday help them to become responsible citizens and a responsible parent to their children.

The Filipino family is a very conservative family and I believe that education starts at home and when the parents send their children to school they expect that they want the best for their children and the school being the second home and the teachers being the second parents they are expected to give the right information to their students an also empower them to become responsible citizens in the future.

The CHURCH should start to reflect on what should be prioritized, RISK REDUCTION or AVOIDANCE.

RISK REDUCTION means doing something or putting up a program to prevent something and also to improve the well being of a person.

RISK AVOIDANCE is doing nothing. Just plain avoidance would lead to ignorance and would result to bigger problems.


JaKePositive. BE SAFE! +)

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