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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I do get questions regarding HIV TRANSMISSION through BODY PIERCING & TATTOOING.


There wasn’t any documented/recorded case in the Philippines of a Person Living with HIV (PLHIV) who claims that he/she got it from a BODY PIERCE or TATTOO.

A risk of HIV transmission does exist if instruments contaminated with blood are either not sterilized or disinfected or are used inappropriately between clients. It is ideally recommended that single-use instruments intended to penetrate the skin be used only once, then disposed of.  Reusable instruments or devices that penetrate the skin and/or contact a client's blood should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized between clients. 

Personal service workers who do tattooing or body piercing should be educated about how HIV is transmitted and take precautions to prevent transmission of HIV and other blood-borne infections in their settings.
If you are considering getting a tattoo or having your body pierced, ask staff at the establishment what procedures they use to prevent the spread of HIV and other blood-borne infections, such as the hepatitis B virus.

Contaminated Blood does pose a HIGH RISK for HIV transmission but also consider the PRINCIPLES OF HIV TRANSMISSION:

EXIT – the virus gets out of the body either through an open wound, cuts, or sores.

SUFFICIENT AMOUNT – there should be a sufficient amount of the virus in order to cause an infection.

SURVIVE – the virus should survive. (The HUMAN BODY is a best place for VIRUS to thrive.

* HIV is very fragile once it is exposed to the outside environment it easily dies. Sunlight, Hot/Cold Temperatures, Acidic Environment KILLS THE VIRUS.

ENTRY – there should be an entry point for the VIRUS to go inside the body. It could be an open wound, cut or sores.



 JaKe Positive. BE SAFE! +)


  1. tnx jay for the explantion keep it up marami kng ntutulungan....God bless u always.

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  5. Since body piercing and tattooing became a trend in the society, more and more shops are starting to open too. However, before choosing one, make sure that the staffs are professional for this service and the materials that they are using are clean and high quality.



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