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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


STIGMA is a killer negative perception that infects those with low knowledge, making them so scared they discriminate against people who are different.
Stigma is now targeting people living with HIV. Stigmatization of HIV positive individuals scares everybody and prevents us from seeking information, treatment, counseling, and from leading healthy and productive lives.
HIV-related stigma, like racism, homophobia, discrimination against women or any type of discriminatory attitude, has no place in the workplace.


1. EVERYONE. A working place where stigma and discrimination exist is not a healthy workplace.
2. PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV. By being rejected by stigma carriers, HIV positive individuals are forced to hide their status, miss out on life-saving treatment, counseling and other forms of support.
3. HIV NEGATIVE PEOPLE. If stigma persists, people are scared even to obtain information for themselves and for their family members. Without accurate information about HIV prevention, treatment and care, everyone is at a higher risk of becoming infected with HIV.


We should raise awareness to everyone and take action for People Living with HIV and AIDS. We deserve respect that you give to your loved one's. We deserve to be given the right to live as like everyone else in this world. We deserve to be given equal right's because we are equally the same as you are.


JaKe Positive. BE SAFE! +)

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